As a comptroller, you have significant responsibilities when it comes to your employer’s accounting and financial reporting. You might work with an enterprise level business, operate a consultancy, or even own your own business. Depending on your employment situation, you probably earn somewhere between $35,000 and $94,000 per year.

Based on that income, you can make your car payments, your mortgage payments, pay for your children’s education and the like. You may also support business needs with that income. The problem is that if you become disabled, all that comes crashing down. Comptroller disability insurance can help.

How Disabilities Threaten You

Not convinced that a disability might lie in your future? Not sure how you could even become disabled in the first place? Chances are good that you’re thinking about disabilities due to physical injuries.

Those can and do happen – you could be injured doing something as simple as mowing your lawn. However, the real culprits here are medical conditions like heart disease and cancer, things that you cannot guard against by being cautious and careful. Up to one-third of all working Americans will experience a disability before they reach retirement age. How will you cope with that? Comptroller disability insurance protects you.

How It Works and Choosing Your Policy

Disability insurance works quite simply – it ensures that you have a stream of income based on your average annual salary if and when you become disabled. That money is yours. You can use it however you need to in order to ensure financial stability for your family.

Choosing the right disability insurance policy is more complicated, though. It requires that you compare your options, including quotes on disability insurance rates and costs, coverage areas, disability definitions and much more. We can help you do that. Our sole goal is to ensure that professionals like yourself can compare quotes from top-rated national insurance companies, and obtain the financial protection necessary for peace of mind.

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