Are you an orthopedic surgeon? If so, your income is probably responsible for paying a significant portion of your family’s monthly expenses. Insuring that income with orthopedic surgeon disability insurance makes a lot of sense.

What Does Disability Insurance Do?

When it comes to protecting your income, it’s important to understand the role of orthopedic surgeon disability insurance. Simply put, your financial stability relies on your income. It’s what makes everything else possible. What happens if you’re unable to work, though? Yes, you likely have some savings put away, but you shouldn’t have to dip into that. Also, what happens if you’re out of work for weeks, months, or even years? Your savings will be completely depleted. Orthopedic surgeon disability insurance can help prevent this from happening.

Don’t I Have Insurance?

Put simply, chances are good that you don’t have any income coverage from an existing insurance policy. Health insurance, auto insurance and the like don’t provide income protection. You also cannot count on worker’s compensation, as most of the injuries and illnesses that might affect you don’t stem from the workplace.

As an orthopedic surgeon, you probably make between $99,000 and $504,000 per year or more. That income goes to meeting your financial obligations, and protecting your income makes a lot of financial sense.

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There’s a 21% chance that you’ll sustain a disability that lasts at least three weeks before you turn 65 if you’re currently age 40 or older. Don’t gamble with your income and financial stability.

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