If you’re a licensed osteopath, you likely enjoy a significant income – it can range from $70,000 to $290,000 per year. That income is responsible for paying a significant portion of your family’s financial obligations, and it also supports your practice. What happens if that income disappears, though? That’s exactly what can happen with a disability, so it makes sense to protect your quality of life with osteopath disability insurance.

Will You Be Disabled?

No one wants to think about the possibility of experiencing a lasting disability. Even trained medical professionals tend to think that it won’t happen to them. However, if you’re around 40 years of age, there’s a one in five chance that you’ll experience at least one disability by the time you’re 65, and that disability will last at least three weeks. The list of disability-causing injuries and illnesses continues to grow, as well. Back injuries, cancer and diabetes are only a few of them. Others include heart disease and stroke, physical injuries and more.

Insurance Protection

It’s tempting to think that you’ll be protected in the case of a disability. After all, you already pay for health insurance, plus a number of other types of insurance. Sadly, disability coverage is usually not included in these, and you likely don’t have it through the workplace, either. That leaves you completely unprotected if the worst should happen.

Osteopath disability insurance ensures that should you be disabled and out of work for a period of time, you have a stream of income to meet your financial obligations. It’s generally a percentage of your monthly income, and can provide not just peace of mind, but financial security in a trying time.

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