As a physiatrist, chances are excellent that your income is responsible for meeting a substantial portion of your financial obligations. Protecting your ability to pay your bills is an excellent reasons to consider physiatrist disability insurance. Not sure what this insurance offers, or why you might need it? Let’s explore it a bit.

What Is Physiatrist Disability Insurance?

As a physiatrist, you probably earn between $82,000 and $263,000 per year. That income is responsible for allowing you to pay for your home, your cars, your school loans, and probably your children’s education, too. What happens if you’re out of work and unable to earn that income, though?

This is where physiatrist disability insurance comes into play. Disability insurance is designed to activate when you have been out of work for a specific amount of time, and provides you with a supplemental stream of income to replace the one you’ve lost due to injury or illness. In short, disability insurance is a lifeline – a safety solution that ensures that no matter what other crises you might face, you do not have to worry about being unable to meet your financial obligations.

Other Insurance

Many people assume they have some form of disability insurance through another policy – their health insurance, for instance. Sadly, that’s not the case. There’s also the fact that you cannot count on worker’s compensation insurance, as most disabilities are incurred outside the workplace.

Where does this leave you? Without some sort of protection, you could find yourself faced with draining your savings and retirement accounts, and then still struggling to pay your bills. We can help here. We work with top-rated insurance companies across the nation that offer a wide range of physiatrist disability insurance products. We can help you make sense of your options, compare rates, and find the right insurance provider for your specific needs.

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