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Auctioneer Disability Insurance

Auctioneers enjoy a wide variety of career options, from livestock sales to high-end auctions with companies like Sotheby’s and similar firms. As an auctioneer, you can earn between $24,000 per year and $110,000 per year depending on your experience, and your career trajectory. Protecting that income is important.

Your annual salary plays a central role in meeting your ongoing financial obligations. Those include things like your mortgage payment and auto loan payments, as well as other bills like utilities, gas and groceries, and possibly education costs for your children. How will you meet those obligations if you are disabled and not able to work? If you find yourself in that situation, auctioneer disability insurance can help.

The Case for Disability Insurance

The risk that you will experience a disability before reaching retirement is significant. One in three Americans will experience some sort of disability before retiring, and if you are near the age of 40, you have a 21% chance of experiencing a disability that lasts at least three weeks.

What’s more, your risk only goes up. Medical conditions like heart disease and cancer have become the most common reasons for disability, and they can affect anyone, of any age, at any time. How do you protect your income against odds like that? The answer is auctioneer disability insurance.

How It Works and Choosing Your Solution

Auctioneer disability insurance is pretty simple to understand. Your policy will pay out when you experience a qualifying disability and miss a minimum amount of work because of it. Your insurer will pay your benefit based on your annual income, and you can use that money to meet your financial needs.

Of course, you do need to make an informed decision here. Your choice of insurer and insurance plan matter a great deal. We can help you compare quotes from leading US insurers, and find the right mix of affordability and coverage to meet your specific situation, budget and goals.

Ready to protect your financial future? Call us today at 1-877-221-6198 or use the form to the right to request a free quote.


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Finding the best disability insurance policy for your exact needs requires expertise. We deliver completely customized disability insurance quotes for each and every person depending on their unique circumstances and needs.

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