Does a Surgeon Need Disability Insurance?

Absolutely!  If you are a highly skilled, highly paid specialist like neurosurgeon, you may want disability insurance that locks in this exceptional income level.

How much money do you earn in 3 months? What if your injury lasts a couple years? Or worse, a life time? Think of your financial loss!  And keep in mind the grim statistic – your odds of becoming disabled are 1 in 3.

Even beyond lost wages, if you have to take 3 month absence from your business, who is going to run it while you are away? You will want to ensure you have a business to return to if you are away with a disability for a year, or any length of time.  Disability insurance can help you maintain your household bills, and possibly find someone to maintain your business as well (take out a personal policy to cover your household expenses, and a policy owned by your business to cover your business expenses to make sure you have a job to come back to…this is known as Business Overhead Expenses Insurance)

If you are healthy, most types of insurance (critical illness, disability, long term care) would be fairly cheap for you, so why not hedge your bets a little?

You’re best bet for finding a disability insurance policy is to contact a broker in your area and discuss it with them. A broker can determine what you need, and then find you the best options available.

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