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Why Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Disability is often called “the forgotten risk” in the insurance industry. Most of us understand that we need life insurance to protect our families in case we die prematurely, but many do not realize that individual disability insurance is just as important.  By providing a continuing income, Long Term Disability

(LTD) insurance can help preserve and protect your family’s financial security in the event you become disabled. The average family would quickly go through

savings and investments if a breadwinner is without a salary even for a few months.

I’m young and healthy — do I really need this insurance?

Most young families do not have large savings or investments. Since a disability can occur at any age, young families especially cannot afford to have their incomes

interrupted. Many such families resort to bankruptcy, ruining their credit and their future borrowing capability.  Even if you are currently young, healthy, and active,

Unless you have the savings to cover six months or more of expenses if you can’t work, you need long term disability coverage.

Call Jeff Pennington today at 1-877-221-6198 and let him help you make the best choice for your disability insurance policy. It helps to have an expert on your side to get the best rates and policy available from the right insurance provider.


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Finding the best disability insurance policy for your exact needs requires expertise. We deliver completely customized disability insurance quotes for each and every person depending on their unique circumstances and needs.

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